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Healflux™ Custom Frequency Generator:

How do I use it?

Legally the device cannot come with instructions yet, but all instructions can be found on the product page here.

Do you have a list of frequencies?

We recommend to start with the Solfeggio Frequencies, which you can find online or you can find them here with some other brain states too. Unfortunately we cannot give advice on other frequencies for specific conditions, however there are books out there on the subject so we encourage you to do your own research.

My device isn't turning on

Please try plugging the device into a fully charged power bank or laptop. If it still isn’t powering on, the USB power cable could be faulty, so you can pick another one up cheap on eBay. Just search for “USB to DC power cable”. If this doesn’t fix the problem, please contact us in the chat on our website.

My device isn't staying on

This only happens with power banks. Our devices don't have rechargeable batteries so they require continuous power when used. Most power banks have a mode for this and you may need to hold a button on your power bank for a few seconds to switch to this mode. Please check your power bank manual.

Why does the Hz change when I type in a number?

Some frequencies may round up or down after you press okay. This is to offset static and is normal. If this happens, the frequency you typed in will be generated, not the rounded number shown.

What is the 'Overrun' message mean?

This means that the frequency you've typed in invalid or is too high.

There's no sound or too much static

There's different types of headphone jacks so depending on the type you're using you may have to push the headphone jack all the way into the device until it clicks or you may have to insert the headphone jack halfway into the device. Please just play around with this until it produces sound. If not, please try using different earphones / headphones / AUX cables.

I can’t control the volume

You can control the volume using an external speaker or using earphones / headphones with volume control on them. You cannot control the volume on the device itself.

Can I keep my device on all night?

We don’t recommend to leave it on all night to protect the longevity of the device. You can leave it on for longer periods but limit the number of times you do this. For example, leaving it on all night twice a week.

What’s the difference between your device and a Rife Machine?

Unlike rife machines, our device uses both scalar/PEMF technology and sound resonance of custom frequencies. Also our device is much more affordable than Rife Machines.