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Healflux™ Custom Frequency Generator

Healflux™ Custom Frequency Generator

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Generate custom frequencies for healing, focus, meditation, chakra work & higher states of consciousness. This generates pure Sine Wave frequencies between 0.1 - 10,000Hz that are more powerful than anything generated from phones or apps. 
The default frequency is set to 7.83Hz (Schumann Resonance) which is a grounding frequency.

How to Use:
- Plug in the provided USB power cable (into a socket, laptop or power bank)
- Connect your earphones/headphones or connect an AUX cable to a speaker
- Type in the desired frequency (using the touch pad)
- Press "Ok".

If you don't use earphones/speaker, the device will generate a PEMF of the inputted frequency (no sound), which has a radius of roughly 1.5 meters. If you use earphones/speaker, the device generates a sound output of the inputted frequency, the radius will be the whole room and beyond.

NOTE: Some frequencies may round up or down after you press okay. This is to offset static and is normal. If this happens, the frequency you typed in will be generated, not the rounded number shown.
WARNING: The frequencies are very powerful, DO NOT listen to a frequency for more than 20mins at a time, but you can use it multiple times per day. DO NOT listen at high volume. This does not apply when using without sound. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Jenny C
Great little device!

I've been searching for a device like this for so long. I've tried a few frequency apps but the frequencies this device generates are much more powerful. I feel the effects just after a few minutes.

Ideal for vibrational work

I do think this technology is being supressed, frequencies make up the seen and unseen universe. Everything has a frequency and devices like this tap into this universal energy. I wanted something that can raise my virational energy and this device does that. More people could benefit from these devices!

Ali Usmani
This device is powerful stuff

This packs a punch, although I'm using headphones with good bass. I can see why they say not to use it at full volume, you'd probably open your third eye :0

Try it out

The science behind this device is mind-blowing. It utilizes precise frequencies to stimulate natural healing mechanisms in the body. Pain relief and recovery are no longer a mystery, just a matter of frequency alignment.

Karthick R
Great A+++

I have been using this for almost 2 months now...listen every morning for meditations...

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