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Infrared Red Light Therapy Lamp

Infrared Red Light Therapy Lamp

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Uses 20 near-infrared LEDs (660nm) and 20 infrared LEDs (850nm).

3 modes:

1) 20 660nm (RED) LEDs
2) 20 850nm (Near infrared) LEDs
3) 20 660nm (Red) plus 20 850nm (Near infrared) combined LEDs

*Can set a 10 min timer 

Helps relieve body pain and muscle soreness from exercise, but also can enhance skin elasticity and cell regeneration for anti-aging.

The 660nm red light helps stimulate skin cell repair, while the 850nm near-infrared light is deeply penetrating, causing thermal effects to improve cell & muscle regeneration.

️Use for 10 minutes per day on the face, back, neck, knees, arms, shoulders etc. sit or stand 30cm/12inches away from the lamp.


Red Light Therapy Panel
Power Cord
Protective Eyewear

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Infrared Red Light Therapy Lamp

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